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Putira Dosam

Putira Dosam

What is Putira Dosam?

Puthira Dosham (Purthra Dosha) on a natal chart can cause delay in child birth or problems during child birth.

When a native has malefic planet or malefic affliction on 5th house, it is called Prutha Dosham. For a boy's horoscope, 5th is mainly considered. However on a girl's horoscope, both 5th and 9th house is considered on judging the Puthira Dosham. The 5th house and 5th lord (9th) and planets presents in or aspecting 5th house is given paramount importance in judging puthira dosham.

The planet Jupiter (Guru Bhagawan) is called puthira karagan. When a girl chart has weak Jupiter, she has to go through problems in conceiving and delivering baby.


The planets in 5th house can indicate the gender of a baby. For example, venus and saturn represents girl baby where as Jupiter, Mars and Sun represents boby baby. When the native has malefic Saturn on 5th house, he or she will get blessed with a baby on a middle age. The presents of a bhadhaka affecting both 5th house and 7th or 9th house, can deny the child birth in the current life. The malefic affliction with Mars can end up having C Section delivery and the malefic affliction with Mercury can result in pre-mature baby. Malefic Ketu present on 5th house can cause miscarriage on a girl chart. If ketu is aspected by natural and functional benefic, then there will not be any issues.

When matching horoscope in arranged matching, the strength 5th and 9th house on each horoscope is anaylsed to get the combined result on the effect of timing of conceiving and delivering baby.

9 types of puthira dosha which can be identified as follows.:

    1. Not having a child even after sevral years after marriage..
    2. Not having a male child.
    3. Not having any happiness by children.
    4. Children affected by diseases in early age.
    5. Children who are born with disabilities.
    6.Children who abscond parents in midway of their life.
    7.Children who scold parents severely.
    8.Children who kill parents for their happiness and wealth.
    9.Children who die in their middle ages due to disease or accident.