Peraiyur Sri Naganathaswamy temple - Raagu Kaetu Parigarsthalam
  • Timing: 7am-12pm & 4pm-7pm
  • +91 9894730410
  • Peraiyur, Pudukkottai DT, Tamilnadu, INDIA

why we do Naga Pradistai Homam?

Nagapradistai is one kind of "Homam".It is doing for getting relief from All Kind of ThosaParigaram like

  • Nagathosam,

  • mangalyathosam,

  • puthirathosam,

  • kalasarphathosam,

  • Ragu-kaethu thosam.

Its depends upon Vedha mantram poojai its take 1 hour to do it.Its start with Ganapathy poojai,Kumbam poojai,Nagar poojai,VedhaJabam,Vedha Homam,Poornavathi poojai then finally all kind of Abishekam for Nagaraja.

Many of the peoples were doing this Nagapradistai and getting release from ill effect caused by Thosam and same all of them getting thosam Nivarthi by doing this.People can book their date to do this Nagapradistai Advancely before two days.

What Spl in Naga Pradistai Homam

    1. Starts with MahaSangalpam.
    2. Ganapathy Poojai
    3. Punniyaga vajanam poojai.
    4. Nagar statue Poojai.
    5. Gadam Poojai.
    6. Navagraha Poojai.
    7. Homam starts with Nagarajar Gayathiri Mantra.
    8. Ayush Homam.
    9. Navagraha Homam.
    10. Poornavathi
    11. 7 types of Abisekam and two Gadam Abishekam to Nagar statue.
    12. Doing Archanai to your Nagar Statue.
    13. Placing Nagar Statue in Pragaram of temple.
    14. Doing Archanai to Lord Siva and Lord Parvathi.
    15. Getting Prasatham Finally .

    It will take 2 hours to finish

    People can book their date to do this Nagapradistai Advancely before three days

Any Queries About Naga Pradistai Homam