Peraiyur Sri Naganathaswamy temple - Raagu Kaetu Parigarsthalam
  • Timing: 7am-12pm & 4pm-7pm
  • +91 9894730410
  • Peraiyur, Pudukkottai DT, Tamilnadu, INDIA

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Om Nama Sivaya

Sri Naganatha swamy Temple

Lord Shiva with his Royal Consort is here and known by the name Naganathar. This holy place is a 'parigaras thalam' it means if any malific effect in an individuals horoscope will be rectified by offering prayers here. This holy place is especially rectifying the ill-effects caused by planets Raagu and Ketu in the Hindu religion. Hinderence in marriage, delays in child birth, Kala Sarpa thosa parikaram can be done for oneself.

Here we do "NAGAPRADISTAI & NAGAPARIGARAM" for those who have

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